Code of Conduct

This site is well known for it's friendliness and willingness to help. In order to keep that reputation, and to be able to act on those instances where the reputation may be damaged, we have made a set of simple rules every member needs to abide by. This etiquette applies to all members at any time.
Keep in mind that all Staff Members are regular members just like you and offer their support in their spare time out of their own free will. Please respect that and be patient if you don't receive an answer right away.
Registration on this website, and/or the use of this website, constitutes an agreement to these Terms. You must register with, and maintain, a valid email address. No exceptions.

General rules
This is an international website. Try to remember, that what is considered to be OK in one culture and in one language might not be OK in another culture or another language. This site has participants of all ages. Try to remember, that what might be appropriate between people of the same age or gender might not be appropriate between people of different age groups or opposite gender.

Spamming and Trolling
We do not tolerate spamming or trolling anywhere.

General Posting Guidelines
Please post your topic to one forum only. If it needs to be moved, alert a staff member by PM. Use meaningful subject titles in the forum and messages which give information about your posting or PM. Do not use subjects like "Help! I'm lost".

Please stay on topic. Ensure you post your topic in the correct forum. For general conversation, please use the General Discussion forum.

Do not use offensive language. We are here for people of all ages, and want everyone to feel comfortable. Offensive language constitutes as profanity, racial, ethnic, and gender based insults or any other personal discriminations, and posts meant to offend or hurt any other member or their work. If you need to say something do it with the facts but not with insults. Flaming will not be tolerated.

Please use proper judgment when choosing an avatar. We like to promote a family atmosphere, and avatars that disrupt this will be removed. Do not spoof or post misleading text in your avatar. There are several generic Avatars you can download for your use in case you don't have your own personal Avatar.

Warez and other illegal transactions may NOT be linked to in any shape or form. Pornography is not permitted, and adult content oriented links will be removed without hesitation or notification.

Please keep your images on topic and mind the size and dimensions, as not everyone may be on a broadband Internet connection or have a wide-screen monitor.

There isn't such a thing as a stupid question. All questions have to be treated equally. Do not speak down to people. We all started as newbies at some point - always keep that fact in mind when responding to a question.
It's only when we work together, that this site grows and gets better. It's only when we cooperate, that we move forward. In this cooperation every little bit of help is appreciated. Remember this when you are asking questions - and remember it, when you are answering.

Be constructive
Think of how you can contribute to someone's project rather than what you can get from it. We will go nowhere, if the members here are all too busy maintaining their own ideas and not sharing with others. If you just criticize without being constructive, you stop the community from growing.

Remember to give credit where it is due. This goes not only for copyright issues but also for constructive solutions and constructive error handling. It's important to give this positive feedback. This makes life easier and more enjoyable for all parties.
If you fail to follow these guidelines you will either receive a message, a warning, a temporary or permanent ban from a staff member, depending on the severity of the issue. Disrespectful behaviors, offensive sentences, insults and other language abuses, as described above, will be deleted without warning.

If you fail to follow these guidelines you will either receive a message, a warning, or a temporary or final ban depending on the severity of the issue from a moderator. Disrespectful behaviors, offensive sentences, insults and other language abuses, as described above, will be edited or deleted without warning.
Once banned from this site for any misconduct listed above, you will no longer be allowed to view or to participate in this site.